Airtel Free Facebook Messenger Offer & Code 2023

There is an ultimate happiness for Airtel customers again Popular social media Facebook can now use successful Airtel for free. According to the information provided by us, if you follow it properly, you will be able to easily access the Airtel Free Facebook Messenger browser.

Airtel Free Facebook

Aitel is the most popular telecommunication operator which is specially come to light for attractive offer. As well as the operator provides very cheap internet offer. As an internet user, we suggest to to connect with Airtel.

Recently, Airtel has been added a new feature where you can get Airtel Free Facebook. Now an Airtel User can browse website and use the messenger app freely.


How to Use Free Facebook in Airtel ?

Do you know how to user free Facebook in Airtel Sim? We are going to share it. Last year one of my friendĀ  said to me that he was using Facebook without any date charge. When we heard it, we were very excited and very curious to know it. Now we are going to share our experience.

Browse Free Facebook:

You can use free Facebook. However, you must need to activate any Airtel Internet Pack.

  • At first, visit or 0.facebook,com .
  • The official Homepage of Facebook will come in front of you.
  • However, you must keep in mind that you can not see any picture. Only profile Picture will be seen.

Airtel Free Facebook Messenger

There are no people you will find who are not using Facebook. However, Facebook has launched their messenger app where you can send your text messages, Pictures, Videos etc. Now, you can use Free Facebook Messenger. Lets introduce you with it.

  • Firstly, go to Google Playstore.
  • Search Messenger on the search box.
  • Download the messenger app.
  • Open the app.
  • Log in on your Facebook Account.
  • Finally use the Free Facebook Messenger.

Note : Only Text messaging is free on Airtel. Extra date charge will be cut if you send any picture and want to see any picture.

Airtel Free Facebook New System

On 20 July, 2022 Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission BTRC announce that the Airtel users are not able to use Free Facebook. After the declaration people are very annoyed for it. As a result, the are searching the alternative way to use free Facebook. Facebook Free on Airtel New system has added here.


Activate Airtel Social Pack:

When the official notice has revealed that free Facebook is stopped, Airtel has revealed some attractive Social Pack. Now you can buy the pack with a low price and use Facebook for a long time. However, it is not free. You have to paid for the internet package.

Connect VPN

Virtual Private Network VPN connecting can be use Facebook without any data charge. However, you need to install a secure VPN from playstore. Then, you need to open it. Select your location and server. Finally, your app is ready to run.

However, there is a limit of using with VPN. An user will get 25 MB per day for using free Internet. However, your Facebook id can be blocked for changing your location.

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