GP Balance Transfer System 2023 Transfer Balance Any Operator Code, Limit

Transferring Balance One Number to Another Number is an important task. Because we need emergency recharge to our phone but we can not go out. In this situation, Transfer balance plays a vital role. Do you know how to Balance Transfer? If you have no idea, then the post is all about you. We are going to share the system with details.

GP Balance Transfer

At the begining of the article we want to explain what is balance transfer and how its work. GrameenPhone has launched a lots of feature services for the users. Balance Transfer is a new service of GP. It is a method where a registered GP users can send a limit of Balance to another mobile number. The balance will be cut from the sender and added to receiver mobile balance. The process is called as Balance Transfer.


Terms and Conditions of Balance Transfer

  • A user can transfer 50 to in every balance transfer.
  • There is 1000 Taka Limit on it.
  • SMS Charge (2.44TK (including VAT, SD & SC) will be cut from the balance.

GP to GP Balance Transfer Code 2023

Are you a GP user? Then, you can easily use the system. However, you must follow our instructions to complete the balance transfer.

Complete Registration on New SimĀ 

  • Firstly, you have to dialĀ  * 121 * 1500 # .
  • Then, click on to 1.
  • Finally, your Registration has completed on My GP App.

Registration For Old User

If you are a GP Old customer, then you have to sent a mobile SMS to complete the registration.

  • Firstly, go to your Mobile Message Option .
  • Type REGI and send the message to 1000.
  • In reply, a Pin Number will be sent to your Phone Number.
  • You must reserve the Pin to complete the Balance Transfer.

How to Balance Transfer ?

It is high time to show you the balance transfer method. Are you really interested to transfer your balance? Then, you should follow our instructions.


Method 1

  • At first, dial *121*1500#.
  • Press 2.
  • Put the Receiver Phone Number.
  • Give the Amount. You must kept on mind that you can send only 50 to 100 Taka per SMS.
  • Finally, put the Pin Number which you received through Registration.

Method 2

The alternative way is very easy to do. You have to send a mobile message to complete it.

  • At first, go to your phone Message option.

Type BTR(space)****(PIN)(space)0171***(mb no)(space)100(amount) .

Example : BTR 536335 017342345256 100

  • Finally, send the SMS to 1000 Number.
  • Your Balance Transfer has been completed.

How to Pin Change Code

Suppose, you have forgotten the Pin Number when you have completed the registration. Then, what should you do now? Because without Pin Number the transfer will not be worked. Do not be worry. There is an way to reset the Pin.

  • Dial *121*1500#.
  • There will a lots of option will come in front of you.
  • Press 3 to Pin Reset.
  • Put Old Pin Number.
  • Give New Pin and confirm it.

There is an alternative way to change the Pin Number. You can also change the pin through Mobile SMS.

  • Firstly, go to mobile message option and type
  • CPIN (space) OLDPIN (space) NEWPIN (space) NEWPIN
  • Example: CPIN 1234 4321 4321
  • Send the message to 1000 number.

GP Balance Transfer Limit

A question is surrounding on your mind that how much money you can send. The authority has fixed a limit to transfer the money.

  • An User can transfer balance 10 Times every month.
  • Minimum 10 taka & maximum 100 taka can be transferred.

Last Words

Above all the discussion, you must learn how to transfer you mobile balance GP to GP and other operator. However, if you have any problem, you can share your problem with us. Stay with us for more update. Thank you very much for staying with us.

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