Taka Income Korar Game App Bkash Payment 2023

It is possible to earn money by playing game. But most of us do not know how to earn money from here. In addition we are going to discuss about this. We hope that by reading this article, you can easily earn a lots of money from online.

Taka Income Korar Game

A large number games are available on the Google Playstore. But all of the game will not provide you money. We will show you some Taka Income Korar Game here.

Bkash Bird Game

bKash is the most popular mobile banking company in our country. The Company has given a lots of offers for their users. Recently, it has launched a new game on their App. By playing bKash Bird game you can easily earn money more than 1000 Taka. Lets show you how to play bKash Bird Game and how to earn money by playing it.

How to Play ?

It is your duty to know the game playing method. bKash Bird game is an easy game. However, you have to know the right method.

The Birds will be flying in the sky and you have to touch the coins. If you touch the coins properly, you will get points. On the other hand you have to faced some bombs in the sky. However, you have to recover from it and safe your life. If you touch the bomb, it will blast and your life will be end.

Buy Life

When you will touch the bomb, your life will be damaged and lost your life. Do not be worry for this. You can buy life and restart the game where you lost your life. You can buy 10 Life within 1 Taka only. However, you should make payment through bKash app. Put your bKash password and complete your payment.

Payment Method

A game is a competition. If you won the game, you will get points. By using the points you can make payment. But you have to know the payment method.

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Taka Income Korar Game App Bkash Payment 2023

Bangladeshi app per day 1000 Taka Income, Payment Bkash

Have you ever been heard about some Bangladesh App where you can earn 1000 Taka daily? If you heard that it is not a false news. At present is common. But earn money is not an easy task. You need a good experience to earn money by playing game. Lets introduce some mobile apps where you can earn money.

Nagad Income Earn Daily 200-300 Taka


A good news for all Bangladesh Game Lovers. A new mobile application has launched on internet. It is called Nagad Income. By using this app you can earn daily 200-300 Taka. Lets show you how its work.

  • Firstly, you need to install the Mobile App on your phone.
  • Open it and you will find some option .
  • Then, you have to register on this app.

How to Register on Nagad Income App?


  • At first, open the app.
  • Tap on Create Account.
  • Write your Name.
  • Put your Mobile number on the specific place.
  • Put a refer code.
  • Drop your Password and complete your registration.

How to Earn Money through this App?

There are lots of option to earn money via this app. You can play game. There are two mobile game added here.

So, you can play the game and earn money.

Payment Method

Playing Games, Watching ads, Watching Videos answering questions will you get points. Then, you can withdraw it through bKash.

  • First go to Payment Option.
  • bKash payment will valid when your points will more than 5500 Points.
  • Put Receiver Account Number.

Last Words

After all discussion you must learn how to earn money by playing mobile games. We hope that by following our instructions, you can easily earn money.

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