Send Money to Rocket from Bkash & Bkash to Rocket Balance Transfer System Code 2023

For a long time all the mobile banking are waiting for money transferring. Though the service has included in foreign country, the new system is announced by the Bangladesh Bank. Sending money one mobile bank to another mobile bank is recently launched feature. Lets introduce you with send money to Rocket from bKash and bKash to Rocket.

What is Mobile Banking Money Transfer?

From the mobile banking service that we usually use for money transactions, money can be sent only to that mobile banking service. But due to the advancement of information technology at present you can send your prescribed amount of money to any mobile banking. Transferring money from one account to another is called money transfer.

Terms and Conditions For Money Transfer

The new money transferring system has been started fromĀ  22 October, 2022. The authority has mentioned some terms and conditions for the transfer.

  • If a bKash user want to transfer money to any Rocket account, then no money will cut from your balance.
  • However, if you want to send money to Rocket account, then you will be cut 8.00 Taka from the receiver (Per Thousands)
  • It means only the receiver have to paid for the money transferring.

bKash to Rocket balance Transfer System

If you are a bKash user, then you must notice that bKash has already created an option where the money transfer system is available. Lets introduce you with this system.

There are 2 options in bKash app. The first one is Add Money and the other one is Money Transfer.

  • Click on to Add Money.
  • Bank to bKash and Card to bKash will come to your display.
  • Select Internet Banking.
  • Choose Rocket Mobile Banking from the list.
  • Put your Amount of Money.
  • Put Receiver Rocket Number.
  • Give your bKash Pin Number.
  • Your money has been transferred to Rocket.

Transfer Balance bKash to Bank

You can also transfer your money bKash to any bank account. However, you must have needed a bKash account to complete transactions.

  • At first, open the bKash app.
  • Click on to More option.
  • Press on Money Transfer.
  • Select Bank Account. There are 3 Bank have been included( Agrani, Brac and City)
  • Put the bank account number.
  • Give your Pin Number.
  • Complete your Transfer.

Rocket to bKash Balance Transfer System

Are you have a Rocket Account? Then, you must interested to balance transfer for your need. Rocket is a part of Dutch Bangla Mobile Bank where a new feature has been added for the all consumers. Lets show you how to transfer balance Rocket to bKash Number.

  • Firstly, download Rocket App on your phone and you should ensure that the mobile number has input on your phone.
  • Open it and tap on Send Money.
  • Then, there will a lots of option will come in front of you.
  • Click on bKash log to transfer the balance on a bKash number.
  • Put the receiver bKash number.
  • Put amount of money.
  • At last, put your Pin Number securely. Your balance transfer has been completed now.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions which is surrounding on your mind. Lets clear it now.

is it possible to send money from rocket to bkash?

Answer: No, it is not possible to send mone from Rocket to bKash. However, the authority is trying to open this feature very soon.

Can I transfer money from bKash to rocket?

Answer: No, it is really impossible to balance transfer.

How do you send money to a rocket?

Answer: We have discussed all the method on this article. By reading it you can easily learn how it will work.

Can I send money from bKash to SureCash?

Yes, you can send money from bKash to SureCash.

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