Nagad to Rocket & Rocket To Nagad Balance Transfer System 2023

A good news is waiting for all Nagad and bKash Users. Recently a new service has been added for the help of the customers. We have faced a problem when we tried to transfer money. Generally, money transfer has been completed through own operator. However, you can send money to any mobile banking and bank account number. Lets show you how it works.

Mobile Banking Money Transfer System

At the beginning of the article we want to discuss about mobile banking system. When you send your money one to another person it is called as money transfer. Whenever, it is happened on Mobile Banking between two same operators. This is a new added feature for mobile banking. So, you can easily use this system and enjoy it.

Send Money from Nagad to Rocket

Nagad is the best mobile banking service in our country. Because it provides the lowest cost for money transaction. Day by day the users of this bank is increasing. Even, the authority is trying to serve the best feature. The user of Nagad are very excited and eagerly waiting for opening a new service. Because they are facing a great trouble for money transfer. Do you really want to send money Nagad to Rocket account? Lets show you the full method.

  • At first, you need the official Nagad Mobile app which is available on Google Play Store. Install it on your Phone.
  • Open the app.
  • Tap on to Send Money.
  • Put the Mobile Number where you want to send the money.
  • Give a Reference Number.
  • Put the amount which you want to send.
  • Input your Nagad Pin Number accurately.
  • Finally, a message will come where you will see the money transfer has been completed.

Note: At present customers can transfer from one account to another only between their own operators. Like a Nagad User can only send the money to a Nagad User.

It is really impossible to send money to other bank. The Balance transfer is available only between same mobile bank. However, Bangladesh Bank has announced that the money transferring system from one bank to another bank will start very soon.

Suppose, the money has been sent to the receiver number. But the number has not opened any Nagad Account. In this case, the receiver will get only 72 Hours to open a Nagad account and cash out the money. So, do not waste any time. Open a Nagad account on your mobile number and cash out it.

Rocket to Nagad Balance Transfer System

Are you interested for transfer your balance from Rocket to your Nagad Account? This is a new feature which is authorized by Bangladesh Bank. We are going to share the transfer method here.

  • You should install the Rocket App to start the system. If you have not installed it, go to the google playstore and install it quickly.
  • Open the app and tap on Send Money.
  • Put the Receiver Mobile Number accurately.
  • Give the amount which you want to transfer.
  • Put your Rocket Pin Number Properly.
  • Finally, your balance transfer has been completed now.

The receiver will get a SMS where it is mentioned that your account balance has been added ,, of money. If you are interested to cash out the money, you must open a Rocket account within 72 Hours. Otherwise the money will be back to sender. So, do not waste your time. Go to your nearest Rocket Branch and open an account.

Last Thoughts

After all the discussion, you must know that there are no option to transfer money to one operator to another. However, the feature is in trial basis. We hope that it is begin very soon and transferring money will be very easy from that.

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