Robi MB Transfer System 2023 | Robi to Robi & Robi to Other Operator

Robi internet service is hugely popular all over the country. Because this mobile operator is giving its customers internet packs at affordable prices. Moreover, we get the most powerful mobile internet network in the country through this mobile operator.
Today we will tell you about a great thing that allows you to transfer Robi Internet to any other mobile operator. We have presented detailed information on how to use Robi MB Transfer System and in which SIMs this method can be used.

Robi MB Transfer

We often buy big internet packs but we can’t finish the internet in time due to short term. In this case, we want a friend or relative of mine to use this internet. For this Robi has unveiled a huge new method for its customers. A Robi customer can easily transfer his unused MB to another number if he wants. Full details of Robi MB Transfer are provided here.

Robi MB transferMethod

Robi customers can easily transfer Robi MB which is recently officially launched. In case of any emergency, we can transfer MB from my friend’s Robi SIM to my own number. It is possible to transfer MB to Robi using two methods. The first one is dialing USSD code and the other is by using My Robi app.
  • By dialing the USSD code
  • By using My Robi App

Robi MB Transfer Code (Robi to Robi)

The easiest way to transfer MB to the Internet is through dial code. It is a method by which you can transfer MB from any phone through your Robi SIM. However, the thing you need to keep in mind is the MB transfer code. We have provided below all the court numbers of Robi MB Transfer. We hope you will collect it yourself.

Transfer 10 MB Robi to Robi

Robi customers will be able to transfer the smallest MB for only 10 MB to another Robi number. To complete this transfer, the Robi customer has to dial first *141*712*11* receivers phone number# .

Transfer Robi to Robi 25 MB

Robi has specially promoted to transfer 25 MB from one Robi number to another. By using this code, a Robi customer can transfer his megabytes to another number. For MB transfer you need to go to the dial option on your mobile and dial *141*712*9* receivers phone number# .
Example : *141*712*9*018746454#

60 MB Package

Transferring only 60 MB from one Robi number to another Robi number is not a very difficult task. Robi customers will be able to transfer this data via USSD code dial. The customer has to dial for MB transfer *141*712*4* receivers phone number#.

Robi MB Transfer System Through My Robi App

Robi has launched a new app online for its smart phone customers. You can easily transfer MB using My Robi app. However, in this case, you must remember that you need to have the My Robi app installed on your smartphone. If you do not have the My Robi app on your phone, then you must install it from the Google Play Store.
  • Open My Robi App.
  • Click on to your Data Plan.
  • Tab on Transfer Data.
  • Put Receiver Phone Number.
  • Give how much Internet MB you want to transfer.
  • Confirm it.
  • Finally, your MB has been transferred.

Robi to Other Operator MB Transfer System

There are many people who want to transfer MB to other local operator. Like Robi to GP, Robi to Airtel, Robi to Banglalink MB Transfer. But it is a matter of sorrow that there are no special method to transfer it. Only you can transfer MB Robi to Robi. However, Robi officials ensures that the service transferring MB one operator to other operator will update soon.

There is an alternative way which will help you to transfer your Data. All of the smartphones have Mobile Hotspot. You should open your Mobile HotSpot. Then, you will On other Phone Wifi Mode. Put the accurate password and enjoy the internet.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can transfer the MB Robi to Robi.
  • The internet validity date will not be added if you transfer it. It means the MB will be expired timely.
  • Robi 2G, 3G, 4.5G Internet Connection will be receive.

In conclusion, we hope that you must share your MB by following the instructions. We help you to transfer it. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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