Robi New Sim Offer 2023 | Airtel New Sim Internet, Minutes & Special Call Rate Offer

Robi is currently the most popular telecommunication operator. In a very short period of time, this telecom operator has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh. Because this operator offers the most powerful mobile network in the country as well as offers attractive offers for the customers. So today we will discuss what offers you can get if you buy a new Robi SIM.

Robi New Sim Price

If you are interested in buying a SIM, then our recommendation for you is that you can definitely buy a Robi SIM because in this SIM you are getting the most attractive internet minute SMS offer in the country as well as this SIM is available in the market at a beautiful price.
However, before buying a SIM, you must know the current price of Robi SIM. So at the beginning of the discussion we have created a paragraph about the price of Robi new SIM. The prices of all the necessities are going up with time.
Recently Robi has increased the price of their SIM a little. If you want to buy a new Robi SIM, you can easily buy a SIM at your nearest Robi Customer Care or from all the shops that sell SIMs for 200 Taka.
However, keep in mind that it is very important to know your National ID card number when buying a SIM, moreover, you will not be able to purchase a SIM.

Robi offers new SIM 2023

By purchasing a new Robi SIM you will get attractive minute internet SMS and special call rate offer. Let’s take a look at what offers are waiting for you when Robi buys a new SIM.

Robi New Sim 42 Taka Recharge Offer

After purchasing a new SIM, the Robi customer must recharge Tk 42. As a Robi customer, you can enjoy a number of offers. With Robi Tk 42 recharge offer you will first get Tk 34 of your mobile balance. The validity of 2gb internet jar as internet balance is 7 days. All forms of local operators in the country will be able to talk at a talktime rate of eight paise for a period of 3 days.

96 Taka Recharge Offer

After recharging 96 Taka firstly on your balance, you are going to get some special offers. Now, we are going to share the full details below there.

  • You must recharge 96 Taka to enjoy this offer.
  • 34 Taka will be remaining on your main account balance.
  • You will get 2GB Internet with 7 days validity.
  • 48 paise / min talktime at any number the call rate offer validity 10 days.

Robi New Sim Internet Offer

Robi has gained immense popularity by offering special internet offers in general. On the other hand, we get the most powerful internet network in the country through Robi. The number of subscribers of Robi is increasing day by day due to having multiple internet offers at low prices. You are going to get several internet offers by buying new Robi SIMs. Which is discussed below.

41 Taka 2GB offer

Robi’s new customers get 2 GB internet for 41 taka. You can easily enjoy this offer by recharging your mobile balance at 41 Taka exact after purchasing a new SIM. You do not need to use any USSD code to activate this offer, but keep in mind that you will need to recharge at Tk 41 except.
  • 41 Taka 1GB Regular + 1GB 4G Internet
  • The offer validity only 5 days.
  • An users can take the offer in multiple times. However, you should keep in mind after 3 months, you will not able for the offer.

Robi New Sim Minutes Offer

When you buy a Robi new Sim, you will get 95 Minutes. However, you have to cost for activate the offer. You must recharge 59 Taka on your balance and enjoy the offer. The offer will be expire within 10 days.

Special Call rate is also waiting for the new comers. If you recharge 42 Taka or 96 Taka  on your mobile balance at the first time, you will get 48 paisa / min, 30 days to any local numbers.

Terms and Conditions

The mobile telecom operator has finalized some terms and conditions for the customers. Lets present it in front of you.

  • You can not activate the internet offer after the campaign.
  • 10% supplementary duty + 15% VAT (supplementary duty included) + 5% surcharge on tariff will be cut.
  • The users can take the offer during the campaign only.

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