Robi SMS Offer 2023 | Robi 15tk SMS Pack Offer Code

Robi is the second largest mobile telecom in the country. This mobile operator tip has become popular among all their customers across the country with various internet SMS minute offers at affordable prices. But today we have come to discuss Robi SMS offer in front of you. This mobile operator team has updated several SMS offers for all their prepaid customers. Regarding the offer: All the details are published on our website.

Robi SMS Pack 2023

At the beginning of the discussion we will publish a list of all your Robi SMS packs. Robi has updated the new SMS pack thinking about their customers where many SMS are available at very low prices. You can easily buy these packages if you want. For your convenience, we have discussed the name of the offer in detail by adding the price activation code and expiration date.

Robi SMS Offer 2023

Although communication has come to an end in the age of information technology, we still use analogs a lot. Due to the increase in call rates of BTRC, people no longer want to talk using mobile talktime. In this situation, most of the people in our country express their thoughts through mobile text messages to their relatives and friends. Moreover, it is almost impossible to exchange greetings without SMS at various festivals. With this in mind, Robi Telecommunication Operators has launched a special SMS offer for their customers.

Robi 100 SMS Offer

Most people find Robi’s SMS packs at low prices but they can’t find the right offer. Robi is offering some SMS packs for its customers at affordable prices including 100 SMS packs. As a Robi customer you can easily enjoy SMS pack tip. This offer allows you to carry more than one person as long as Robi’s campaign is running. Let’s not know how to buy Robi’s 100 SMS offer with detailed information including activation code and validity.
  • Dial *8999*90# to activate the amazing SMS Offer.
  • You have to purchased 13.39 BDT for the activation.
  • The offer validity is only 1 Day.

Robi 180 SMS Offer

There is good news for Robi customers as Robi is offering 180 SMS bundle package to its customers for just 5Taka only. This great offer is available to all Robi prepaid customers in the country. We will show you how to activate this offer on your Robi SIM.
  • You must dial *123*2*7*1# to purchase the offer.
  • You will get 5 days validity after activating the offer.
  • A customer can purchase this offer more than once.
  • You need to dial *500 *10 # in to check your remaining balance.

Robi 200 SMS Offer 3 Days

In this part of the discussion we have presented to you another interesting SMS pack of Robi. Above we have discussed several SMS offers but now the one that we will discuss is the most important. Robi does not usually offer such SMS offers among its customers. Recently Robi has published an amazing SMS offer for its customers on their website. If you are a Robi customer then you can buy 200 SMS for just 5 Taka only. However, for those who have Robi Super customers, this SMS pack has to be purchased with 10 Taka . Detailed information regarding the offer is given below.
  • By dialing *123*6*5*6# USSD Code the offer will be activated.
  • 5 Taka with VAT will be deducted from your mobile balance.
  • The offer validity on 3 Days.

Robi 450 SMS Offer

The patient has provided monthly SMS packs for his customers. The Emmagy Pack will really impress you. All Robi customers can easily accept this offer. 450 SMS for only 10 taka which will be valid for 30 days. Detailed information regarding Robi 450 SMS 10 Taka offer is part of the discussion.
  • Firstly, you need to dial You *123*2*7*2# to get the offer.
  • The Validity is 30 days.

Robi 500 SMS 5Tk 

Robi has recently released Excellent 500 SMS Pack for all its customers. A mobile that gets 500 SMS for 5 taka. But if you are using Robi SIM then you must be on the other side of Attractive. You must dial *123*223# to accept the offer.
  • Dial *123*223# for offer activation.
  • You have to purchased 5 Taka only for it.
  • The expiration is 12 Days.
  • The SMS can be send to any local mobile operator.

Robi 1000 SMS Offer

Robi 1000 SMS pack is waiting for all the prepaid users. We have added the full information of this SMS Pack in front of you.

You have to cost 18.26 Taka for the activation the offer for 1000 SMS Offer. You need to dial *123*2* 2*2# USSD Code for the activation. The offer validity is only 30 days.

By reading this, you can easily activate all the offer. The operator can change the offer anytime.

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